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Artist Development and JMM Production

As a lifelong music professional, Jerome has narrowed things down to a few specialties. Perhaps his favorite of the "specialties" is working with young artists and taking them to the next level. Jerome Madigan Music is part production company and part artist development agency. He has the ability to take a talented person with some song ideas and bring them all the way to a full blown artist with a great sounding product. Whether you are an established artist looking for a producer or a very talented musician who wants to write and record original music, Jerome can fill either role. He can also almost guarantee the best possible price for a quality recording as he has a very wide knowledge of the recording process and very rubout network of session players. 

"I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Jerome Madigan in producing my first EP. He is knowledgeable in the music industry, and he has used that knowledge to spur me on as a new artist into creating a product that reflects myself, while also providing me a deal that doesn’t make me feel like I just sold my soul to a record label! I highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable way to share their sound to work with Jerome!" -Savana Gilman, a JMM artist